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Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Mon, August 12, 2013 10:41:38
Here are some images from the recent location scouting that me and Oskar Frisk did. He is playing a big part in this project beeing responsible for choreography and project management amongst other things. Team member Im so happy to have onboard!

First location explored is this factory where woodchips are compressed into pellets. Not only is the sourrounding breathtaking with its undisturbed view of the Härnösand coast line, but the factory in itself is surely worth a look.
However, the reason we came was to dig into the piles of woodchips, 40 000 kubic meters in total!

Oskar made his way up the soft wooden mountains to explore the way that such a spongy surface would react to human weight. I stayed safe and steady on the ground exploring the way that woodchips and human body would work together in a camera.

An important aspect of this location will be to make sure that the clothing of the dancers will work. Oskars dad wasn't too happy about the state of the interior of his lexus, after his sons close encounter with woodchips... they tend to stick to things in other words. We will need to find something covered in teflon...


Second location is a gravel pit not far from the pellet factory. still with the stunning view of coast and pineforest, but whith a completely different emotional quality than the pile of chips. I have an honest weakness for grayscale, but this was just amazing, these shades of grey were taking my breath away. Gives me this moody, moon landscape kind of feeling.

The way things are looking right now, we will be filming in both locations aswell as in an old overgrown gravelpit were nature has erased every possible trace of grey. Lets just hope that the weather gods will be all in our favor. Not exactly the best month to hope for such kindness, beeing up in the norht of Sweden... November. Rain month. Goodness.