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Day 2 of filming

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Sat, February 01, 2014 14:12:46

Today was also a gorgeous day! The fog came rolling in from the Baltic sea and it was a light frost. Not too cold at least, good since we were to perform outdoors today. Weather forcast for the day says sunny and cool untill noon and after that a light rain and slightly higher temperatures.

When we arrived on set, we were all amazed. The light and the fog was magical!

The location today was a wood chip factory located right by the water. SCA Bio norr. Standing on top of one enormous pile of sawdust, the view of the foggy bay was breathtaking, and the frost was really hightlighting the textures of the material. I could not believe our luck. Neither could photographer Johan.

Only thing was that the temperatures kept raising and by the time the dancers arrived, most of the frost was gone. However some of the fog remained and we decided to keep a lot of the landscape in view, even though the original plan was to only depict the strange cream coloured moon-landscape of the piles. It was just too damn pretty to leave out. Even the factory itself got some of the glory as it fit right into the playful mood we set for the filming today.

César and Stacy were fantastic to work with also on this set. They followed our playful instructions and just kept going even when we asked them to throw themselves down the sawdust pile. And they kept goinging even though a light drizzle came and turned the costumes into a smudgy wood/wool mashup and the temperature still wasent more than a few degrees above freezingpoint. Amazing, amazing people!

After a well deserved lunch break, the warmed- and dried up film crew continued to shoot indoors.

Last night we had changed the scenography from a tidy strict room into a messy one. It is intressting how long it can take to create a believable mess, especially when each seperate item has to be attatched to the wall or floor with a number of screws. It took us well over 4 hours.

With this new set the mood was still a cheerful one. For me, an untidy room represents something deliberating, a sidestep from the ordinary life and playfulness. It is a place where you are loosing control - and loving it.

The shooting this afternoon was good, no major incidents and the mood was slightly higher than yesterday due to the music we got to use for this set. Even though Im always in for a bit of melancholy, there are only so many shoots where you want to cry…