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Day 1

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Mon, October 21, 2013 18:45:41

And so the work begins!

Last night we drove into a pitch black Härnösand, far below freezing point. As the morning sun rose it uncovered a stunning landscape all dressed up in autumn colours, covered with a thick layer of frost. Stunning but still inconvinient and a bit of a shock to be honest. Bringing dancers outside at this temperature doesn’t feel too good. And, yes it is really really cold, far too cold for this season. We’ll wait and see what happends with the temperature a week from now… Right now I’m hoping for a wisp of some global warming coming our way.

After a startup meeting with the wonderful people at Norrdans, who we will work closely with the next two weeks, we started the day off by examining the aluminium structure that will hold the scenography together. It was finished last week and has been decorating this garden for a few days. If you ask me, I think a sculpture like this should enrich every backyard. It is the least any respctable lawn could ask for.

Producer Oskar is trying out a tilt. It will be a lot of tilting this thing during the days to come.

The rest of the day, we’ve looked at the indoor filming site wich looks perfect. An old warehouse, beautifully located right by the water with a stunning view of the harbour.

Things in store.

Producer at work.

On the other side of the bay is acctually the wood chip factory, where we will also be filming later on.

After these excursions, the afternoon flew by as we dug deep into planning and sorting out who should do what and when - kind of things. The view from our desk could have been worse.

Sure, I write a lot about views right now, but Härnösand is such and undescribable jewel of autum right now, I just have to. Brag.