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Day 2

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Tue, October 22, 2013 20:30:43

It started out so well…

This morning the weather had a really dark foreboding mood to it. Temperature is slightly more normal, but the rain and the winds are dampening the mood of even the most cheerful souls around here.

But what’s worse, last night just before I went to sleep, my laptop - my dear, sweet companion and friend, just lost her will to live. She has been purring like a cat for the past 5 years, and sure, I might have been a little unfaithful lately, wanting to get myself a younger prettier friend. However, every one kept telling me to wait, there might be a new mac book launch coming up, they said. And so even though i knew I needed one for this project, I stayed patient and waited, and guess what - it was launched. Today. a few minutes ago. The irony. The damn irony of this is just too much.

I made some attempts of waking her up, cleaning out the dust from inside, unscrewing things like surgery is in my dna, but to no use. Im in the middle of pc-land here and the closest apple-service store is at least 70 kilometres away.

Meanwhile I realised I had to keep this project going, 70km would take too long to drive, so I got down and dirty with the pencil and paper, sketching the last of the storyboards by hand. It works, so I’ll stick to it for now. Long time since I last made real "analog" drawings, it was actually, fun.

A good thing in all this sadness is that the buildning of the set is progressing just as planned. Oskar and our special Norrdans-technician Hasse are covering the aluminium frame with floor and walls down in the old warehouse. All materials are in place so the set will be ready in time. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the furniture to arrive safely...