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Day 3

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Wed, October 23, 2013 21:04:43
Surprise, surprise.

At first sight we thought that the warehouse was a good location for our indoor shots - at a second glance we realized it is just incredible!

Surprise 1

There is a huge, still functional overhead crane that we can use to almost everything from lifting the heavy roll of flooring, to lifting the entire set when we make the tilt!!

Surprise 2

There is an infinate number of pallets that we decided to use as part of the construction for both sets. (Bonus surprise - within the premises there are nice workers with nice trucks that can help relocating pallets when asked nicely).

Surprise 3

There are all these H-beams just lying about, outside and indoors, that we decided to borrow, to stabilize the large floor construction we are building.

Surprise 4

There is actually a fairly new circular saw standing hidden away in a corner right were we are working - i mean come on, what are the odds!

Surprise 5

The spatter-wallpaper that I designed had the most fantastic quality! It was a one woman job for 1,5 hours, to put it up. And to be precise, a one woman, 27 weeks pregnant - kind of job. Ive never managed to put up a patterned wallpaper all by mysef before. Well done wallpaper manufacturer!