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Day 4

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Thu, October 24, 2013 19:15:59
Today our techician Hasse had to work at another location, so we took the time to spend almost the enire day together with our photographer Johan. The three of us, Oskar, Johan and me, squeezed together in a pickup truck and drove around to all the locations where we will be shooting. Gravelpit, woodchip pile, warehouse and also to an old overgrown gravelpit where we will be holding a workshop for all of Norrdans dancers on tuesday and wednesday next week, just before the acctual filming starts.

gravelpit number 2.

It was a great day, warm, sunny an a lot of fun. We ended up making some great, slightly rash decisions, like the one where Johan will be driving a skylift 70km on the highway, to be able to shoot at an extra intresting angle. The things we do for art…

In the warehouse things are starting to take shape, we did some finishing touches on the paintwork and also cut and measured up the flooring. All in all, we will be ready for the big tilt tomorrow! Exiting!