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Day 3

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Wed, October 23, 2013 21:04:43
Surprise, surprise.

At first sight we thought that the warehouse was a good location for our indoor shots - at a second glance we realized it is just incredible!

Surprise 1

There is a huge, still functional overhead crane that we can use to almost everything from lifting the heavy roll of flooring, to lifting the entire set when we make the tilt!!

Surprise 2

There is an infinate number of pallets that we decided to use as part of the construction for both sets. (Bonus surprise - within the premises there are nice workers with nice trucks that can help relocating pallets when asked nicely).

Surprise 3

There are all these H-beams just lying about, outside and indoors, that we decided to borrow, to stabilize the large floor construction we are building.

Surprise 4

There is actually a fairly new circular saw standing hidden away in a corner right were we are working - i mean come on, what are the odds!

Surprise 5

The spatter-wallpaper that I designed had the most fantastic quality! It was a one woman job for 1,5 hours, to put it up. And to be precise, a one woman, 27 weeks pregnant - kind of job. Ive never managed to put up a patterned wallpaper all by mysef before. Well done wallpaper manufacturer!

Day 2

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Tue, October 22, 2013 20:30:43

It started out so well…

This morning the weather had a really dark foreboding mood to it. Temperature is slightly more normal, but the rain and the winds are dampening the mood of even the most cheerful souls around here.

But what’s worse, last night just before I went to sleep, my laptop - my dear, sweet companion and friend, just lost her will to live. She has been purring like a cat for the past 5 years, and sure, I might have been a little unfaithful lately, wanting to get myself a younger prettier friend. However, every one kept telling me to wait, there might be a new mac book launch coming up, they said. And so even though i knew I needed one for this project, I stayed patient and waited, and guess what - it was launched. Today. a few minutes ago. The irony. The damn irony of this is just too much.

I made some attempts of waking her up, cleaning out the dust from inside, unscrewing things like surgery is in my dna, but to no use. Im in the middle of pc-land here and the closest apple-service store is at least 70 kilometres away.

Meanwhile I realised I had to keep this project going, 70km would take too long to drive, so I got down and dirty with the pencil and paper, sketching the last of the storyboards by hand. It works, so I’ll stick to it for now. Long time since I last made real "analog" drawings, it was actually, fun.

A good thing in all this sadness is that the buildning of the set is progressing just as planned. Oskar and our special Norrdans-technician Hasse are covering the aluminium frame with floor and walls down in the old warehouse. All materials are in place so the set will be ready in time. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the furniture to arrive safely...

Day 1

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Mon, October 21, 2013 18:45:41

And so the work begins!

Last night we drove into a pitch black Härnösand, far below freezing point. As the morning sun rose it uncovered a stunning landscape all dressed up in autumn colours, covered with a thick layer of frost. Stunning but still inconvinient and a bit of a shock to be honest. Bringing dancers outside at this temperature doesn’t feel too good. And, yes it is really really cold, far too cold for this season. We’ll wait and see what happends with the temperature a week from now… Right now I’m hoping for a wisp of some global warming coming our way.

After a startup meeting with the wonderful people at Norrdans, who we will work closely with the next two weeks, we started the day off by examining the aluminium structure that will hold the scenography together. It was finished last week and has been decorating this garden for a few days. If you ask me, I think a sculpture like this should enrich every backyard. It is the least any respctable lawn could ask for.

Producer Oskar is trying out a tilt. It will be a lot of tilting this thing during the days to come.

The rest of the day, we’ve looked at the indoor filming site wich looks perfect. An old warehouse, beautifully located right by the water with a stunning view of the harbour.

Things in store.

Producer at work.

On the other side of the bay is acctually the wood chip factory, where we will also be filming later on.

After these excursions, the afternoon flew by as we dug deep into planning and sorting out who should do what and when - kind of things. The view from our desk could have been worse.

Sure, I write a lot about views right now, but Härnösand is such and undescribable jewel of autum right now, I just have to. Brag.

Closing in

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Sun, October 13, 2013 13:01:48
With only one week to go before take off to the shooting site, I feel strangely confident with all the work thats been done so far, just a little worried that my calm state might be the silence before the storm.

The last month and a half, the work has moved in a slow but steady pace and focused mostly around the designwork. Ive had brainstorming sessions together with costume maker extraordinaire, Helle Carlsson and with furniture designers Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche. Fredrik and Emma will put together an enitre furniture collection for the film wich will be launched in February during Stockholm furniture fair. So before then, no furniture images on the web whatsoever. Insted an image from the work table showing remains of sketching.

My own work with the set design and construction is also moving forward. Last weekend I had a mad "spattering" session trying to reach the magic point right between organic patina and concious pattern for a wallpaper background. Pretty proud of the Jackson Pollock moves I managed to pull off. When doing the same movement over and over seeing the spatter pattern grow larger and larger with every beat of the brush, you enter a quite graceful state of hypnosis.

Later I finished off the wallpaper together with my good friend Photoshop.

Recording day at Capitol

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Wed, August 14, 2013 10:23:41
Yesterday I spent the entire day together with Pontus Langendorf and Uno Helmersson, recording rough sketches for two songs that will be used for the footage in one way or the other along the way.

The songs will be completed after the shooting in November when we know what kind of footage we will have to play with. But today we got an exellent base of rythmical harmonies to build the songs from and Im all exitement!

Our location was Capitol, the home of percussion ensamble Kroumata where Pontus is a pending member. Uno will later add guitars and various other great sounds to make perfect, today he was all in recording mode. Personally, I was all about picking and choosing from an audiovisual percussion-all-you-can-eat-buffet. Felt like christmas in other words.

Location scouting

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Mon, August 12, 2013 10:41:38
Here are some images from the recent location scouting that me and Oskar Frisk did. He is playing a big part in this project beeing responsible for choreography and project management amongst other things. Team member Im so happy to have onboard!

First location explored is this factory where woodchips are compressed into pellets. Not only is the sourrounding breathtaking with its undisturbed view of the Härnösand coast line, but the factory in itself is surely worth a look.
However, the reason we came was to dig into the piles of woodchips, 40 000 kubic meters in total!

Oskar made his way up the soft wooden mountains to explore the way that such a spongy surface would react to human weight. I stayed safe and steady on the ground exploring the way that woodchips and human body would work together in a camera.

An important aspect of this location will be to make sure that the clothing of the dancers will work. Oskars dad wasn't too happy about the state of the interior of his lexus, after his sons close encounter with woodchips... they tend to stick to things in other words. We will need to find something covered in teflon...


Second location is a gravel pit not far from the pellet factory. still with the stunning view of coast and pineforest, but whith a completely different emotional quality than the pile of chips. I have an honest weakness for grayscale, but this was just amazing, these shades of grey were taking my breath away. Gives me this moody, moon landscape kind of feeling.

The way things are looking right now, we will be filming in both locations aswell as in an old overgrown gravelpit were nature has erased every possible trace of grey. Lets just hope that the weather gods will be all in our favor. Not exactly the best month to hope for such kindness, beeing up in the norht of Sweden... November. Rain month. Goodness.

New project funding

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Mon, August 12, 2013 09:33:07
Good morning!

As of today, Im starting up the real work on a project that will be funded mainly by Kulturbryggan. It is going to turn into a dancefilm that will be produced toghether with Norrdans and Film i Västernorrland. After a whole winter of funding research and administration, I can finally, finally start digging into the real part of the experience!

During the whole of this week I get the luxury to just indulge in the workload that will eventually lead up to the shooting in the beginning of November. I will be doing conceptuals and record music, aswell as the important work on documenting the work process, hence the new blog.

So at-home-workstation, hope you are ready, here we go!

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