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Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Mon, November 18, 2013 14:24:23
The following step was to take the dancers indoors and see what other qualities of movements a steady and flat leaning surface would create. Also this time we let the dancers go wild with it, after first introducing the choreographic qualities, having them watch one another on the monitor giving each other advice.

Even though me and Oscar has quite a bit of knowlegde having danced and filmed in a number of outdoor slopes before, we were both amazed at how different a clean floor was from a grassy hill. The movements were much more controlled and the dancers would take more chances and stretch their abilities further on a steadier ground.

First thing we discovered was the intense focus that affected everyone in the room. All of the dussin remaining spectators stayed dead still in front of the monitor, however cheering loudly if someone would make a move that really worked.

We also discovered that the movements created could have either a poetic emotional quality aswell as a really comical one, all depending on the music chosen and the emotional quality of each dancer.

Below are some pictures of the experience. The chairs are a Färg&Blanche product called FAB chair.

Here is the result, produced by the dancers themselves:

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