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Day 1 of filming

Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Tue, November 19, 2013 12:44:25

Good morning! The skies are blushing with exitement and so am I.

Today we film indoors.

We finished off the last of the set this morning. As soon as the last of the workhsop dancers had left the location last night, we started to make the set ready for filming. Blessed Fredrik and Emma were there to help out attatching their furniture. It took the better part of the evening and also this morning to make it right.

No one had really forseen how extremely hard it would be to work on a leaning surface, all the lifting and trying to hold things in position while trying to stay in balance at the same time. It didnt help that the warehouse had not been properly dusted off in the past 50 years ( although I did get to drive around in a cleaning car, it did little good to sweep off a floor with a remarkably rough asfalt surface) This particular dust also had a habit of attaching to the floor on set, making it super slippery. Good for sliding, but really bad for attaching furniture and just doing general work on. We had to clean it off with red ethanol over and over, and also spray handball glue on strategic spots.

When the dancers, Stacy and Ceasar arrived at noon, we had to make some final adjustments to the costumes. For one, we decided to let them use boots instead of beeing bare foot. Bare skin covered with handball glue didnt seem to do the trick. We also had to see how the fabric would react to gravity on set, also resulting in some minor corrections.

After a lot of "getting ready" we finally started to get down to some real filming.

Unfortunatly I cant show any pictures of the set, since the furniture collection specially made up for this set, will be released in February next year, so until then, some images from behind the scenes.

What I can reveal though, is that it is going to be fantastic! So happy about the lovely, wounderful dancers, so professional, emotional, beautiful and a joy to work with.

Here we have them, together with Oscar, inspecting footage.

Due to the workshop, both the dancers and ourselves had gotten a much better understanding of what kind of movements would work on camera so we started with letting them improvise to music, similar to what is going to be when the music production is finished. And boy did they deliver! At one point, they had both me and another person in the crew crying like a pair of “so you think you can dance” judges.

Crowded in front of the monitor.

So happy, content and exhausted now.

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