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Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Sat, February 01, 2014 14:29:34

The weather today is a lot like yesterdays. Exellent, since we are doing the first take outdoors! To be honest the speed in wich we are working is taking its toll on this pregnant body. My hips and legs are aching from walking up and down steep slopes. Nohting I can recommend for pregnancy workout. However today is last, and I will give it my all anyway.

Just like last outdoor take, the scenes on the set was magical when we arrived. Todays set is a gravel pit with various piles of dirt, stones and rocks. When we showed up the sun was shining and all the pepples were frost covered. The fog was spreading all over the valley and the ocean, visible from the small hights. So poetic it was almost ridiculous.

But as we were obviously following yesterdays procedure, the frost melted just about when the dancers showed up, and the sky filled up with grey. However, the graying skies was a blessing today. We needed to be able to film with a tilted camera, and a blue sky with small clouds will effectively ruin any chance of that (making planning of an outdoor filming like this, really quite risky).

Yet again, César and Stacy blew our minds. They went climbing up hills and performing intricate acts of balance in front of a scarp! The gravel was also really tough on their hands and clothing, but all went well, no accidents what so ever, and the footage was fenomenal. And, need I say, the temperature was just awful, cold and damp, but they just endured.

After some food and sparkling drinks, some drying of clothes and refixing of makeup, it was finally time for the last indoor shoot.

Last night we stripped the set of everything. That felt soothing in a way, to rid the scene of all furniture, the textile wall, and the cieling, revealing some of the aluminium frame the room was constructed by. I want the room to come apart, to undress, to reveal the core of what actually makes it a room. Its sad in a way, but necessary. It is the truth, it might feel cold and raw, but the dancers can move there, nothing to interfere with their steps and slides.

This open space gave the dancers more floor to work with obviously, and they were able to perform some more of the balancing acts they started on outside earlier today. Those two have no limits, they are both so flexible you doubt they acctually have limbs sometimes!

We film like crazy, and then we wrap up. Applause and hughs and goodness do I feel tired now, I can barely stand up. This has been a fantastic few days, cant believe we’ve made it all the way here.

Goodnight people, Im going to sleep now. I pull the pregnancy card and my wounderful husband gets to clean up after me… If that isnt love, I dont know what is. Tomorrow we pack the car and head south. And the day after that, it’s business as usual at the office.

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