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Longing to fly/Longing to fallPosted by Erika Janunger Wed, February 05, 2014 11:28:28

Since our filming in October a lot of wrapping up work has been going on. Too much for me to take the time to update this blog unfortunately. But I’ll try to sum up some of the most important events.

First off, we decided after some thinking, that I would do the ground work on editing the film. So I sat down with the massive amount of footage, started to sort the bad from the good, and then the terrific from the ok. I also made the decision to split the film in two. The pieces of music werent really possible to mix the way i thought at first. I would much rather have them separate and kept whole, just speaking for themselves. I decided to put the “tidy” room first, followed by the gravel scene. They have a connection in pace - slow, longing and restrained. Same as the first piece of music we recorded. To the second “up tempo” song, I decided to put the untidy room, the saw dust and the cleared room together. And with that, I still managed to keep the chronology I had wanted from the beginning.

But as I am no proffessional film editor, I had to have someone look over my rough sketches. That someone turned out to be music video director Daniel Wirtberg. He also worked with the grading afterwards.

As for the work with music. I was in constant contact with Uno Helmersson. We recorded new vocals and made changes according to updates in editing. Uno came up with some brilliant additions and changes in musical intensity in both the gravel scene and the last cleared room. He has a fantastic eye to his ear, and an impressive feeling for soundscapes in connection to physical spaces.

However due to my pregnant body, wich would constantly catch colds, we failed to record the last vocals over and over again. As a very last attempt to make it in time, both for the release of the film aswell as before the babys arrival, I got to borrow recording equipment to try to do it at home. Ironically enough, I didnt feel content with the vocals until the recording I made on my baby’s due date, with a belly size of 115cm and stomach muscles nowhere to be found.

And then I had a baby.

The very last of the corrections and transfering of files, I did as I was brestfeeding. Making this filmproduction feel a little bit too much like a birth to be funny.

Tonight is the big premiere at the Färg&Blanch studio. I am 2 parts super exited and 1 part terrified. See you at Kvarngatan!

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